Thursday, May 20, 2010

The latest Apple tech toy, the iBacus - exclusive leak!

Have we turned into a nation of technology addicted children, clamoring for the latest and techiest toys? Add in our selfishness, “me” “mine” “I”, and we have our i-named technology toys.

Apple, a pioneer in its own way, both the forbidden one that supposedly started our human saga; as well as the computer variant. But let’s face it, Mac computers (that is, the Apple computers) are not mainstream today. Watch the Mac-Heads huff and puff over that statement – but facts are facts. Sure, a Mac is far superior for high-end multimedia video/image/audio editing – but try to find a Mac productivity software package at a price less than that of a luxury car, if at all. And yes, Macs do crash, often enough. There is just less that one can do with a Mac, which may bring about the impression that it has crashed less than a comparable PC that is used or runs, literally, all day and night long.
Obviously Steve Jobs at Apple sees this, and churns out various “i” devices. The iPod, the iPhone, the iTouch, the iPad, all great toys. But Jobs seems to be taking his toys a bit too seriously.
Apple spurred police in lost iPhone probe

In the spirit of leaking absolutely useless information and helping Jobs keep his job, here’s an exclusive leak of a new product that we can soon expect to be revealed to the world.

Introducing, the iBacus!

Super long battery life! Never runs out of power, never needs recharging!
Super tough! No more delicate touch screens!
Limitless computation possibilities on a 10bead by 10row grid!
Computation speed is only limited by the speed of the user!
A design that’s thin, light, and brilliant. iBacus has the largest, high-resolution Bead display and incredible Multi-Touch Bead-movement capability. Yet it’s thin and light enough to take anywhere.
Boasts the largest display area of any “i” device!
Estimated pricing, under $500 (with service contract for 1 year of hand lotion supply).
Initial model does NOT offer WiFi, in fact, it has no wiring whatsoever!
Be sure to line up and wait, overnight if need be, when the iBacus reaches stores in your neighborhood! Expected release is May 2025, what the heck, just go stand on line already. You may “find” a next generation i-toy laying around!

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